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Preview of Chapter 8

October 29, 2014
Posted at 12:24 am

Puzzles were for the most part, temporary, insignificant, niggling things for Julie. With a little effort she could shake the meaning out of most mysteries. That is, unless there were people involved. People strongly resisted definition. She understood the celebration going on around her of course. They had just won a great victory. Julie did not consider the credit to belong to any one person alone as the need for the effort of all involved here had been impressed upon her at an early age. They had only seconds ago seen an impossible seeming victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. In the space of a few heartbeats Terry Grissom had bested the most dangerous super villain in the world. She moved toward her office on legs she did not feel. The shouts of her co-workers - her family seemed to be in another room, another world. Something was there at the edge of her attention, beckoning. Some fact or detail, some overlooked item, the kind which her mind, usually alone could see. She entered the office and without knowing why, she reached out and adjusted the setting of the office wall changing it from transparent to opaque white from the outside, and from the inside, a display of the Caribbean exhibit at the nearby Shedd Aquarium. She usually found the colorful sea-life to be calming but she was not at all certain if her current state could be described as calm or not. Shock, yes, it was likely that her present emotional detachment was attributable to a classic case of shock. The unexpected victory to the equally unanticipated fight was not itself sufficient to explain why she would feel the need to protect herself from her own thoughts. She sat in her chair and continued to evaluate the problem. Terry. Terry had been at the center of her thoughts. She was trying to discover the reason why Terry had the ability to affect her judgment so much more strongly than anyone else.