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New Story Posted

October 28, 2014
Posted at 5:55 pm
Updated: October 28, 2014 - 5:56 pm

Today I posted A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe and the Introduction and first chapter of Opening Earth. I will be posting a new chapter of Opening Earth every Tuesday.

A Reader's Guide to the D-Hopping Universe is not a story. It is a reference document that contains information about the Fourth Dimension, D-Hopping, and the Multiverse. The document provides detailed information on topics that are mentioned or briefly addressed in Opening Earth and in other stories that I will write in the future.

Opening Earth is my first story about Doug Smith, who is a citizen of the Known Multiverse. The story's premise is that there are multiple universes (the Multiverse), and they are connected by the Fourth Dimension's energy fields.

A small percentage of the people born in the Home Universe, Dimension Hoppers (D-Hoppers), have the ability to move themselves and freight through space using the Fourth Dimension's energy fields. The majority of the D-Hoppers are engaged in trade between the planets of many explored universes, which are governed by the Multiverse Government. The planets governed by the government occupy a region of space that is referred to as the Known Multiverse. There are a small number of D-Hoppers who explore the Multiverse looking for a world that will provide the D-Hopper with lucrative trade opportunities.

When such a world is found, the D-Hopper begins to open the new world to trade with the Multiverse. While opening the planet, the D-Hopper purchases merchandise on the new planet or on a Multiverse planet at a very low price and then sells it at a very high price at the other location. The D-Hopper can accrue an immense personal fortune while opening a profitable new world. The normal future for a new world is for the world to join the Multiverse.

Doug has located a profitable new world, Earth, and he is in the process of opening it to trade. Opening Earth is the story of how Doug Smith places Earth on the path to becoming a member world of the Multiverse, and his personal and professional experiences along the way.

The main conflicts in the story are caused by cultural differences between Earth and the Multiverse. For example, slavery is legal and socially acceptable practice in the Multiverse. However, Multiverse slavery is more in line with Earth's indentured servant practices. Doug is trying to settle on Earth, so he obtains some slaves and bring them to Earth to serve him as his domestic staff and mistresses. Living on Earth with his ladies makes life interesting for while he does not broadcast the fact that they are his slaves, he does not hide or lie about their relationship.

Doug's life on Earth becomes exceptionally complex and tumultuous when the Multiverse appoints him to be their Ambassador on Earth. It is now Doug's job to guide and shape the attitudes and culture of Earth's population so they will be willing to request membership in the Multiverse. Considering Earth's xenophobic attitude to space aliens, sense of independence, and cultural differences, this seems to be an impossible task. But Doug has a plan and a few allies.