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The kindness of strangers

October 28, 2014
Posted at 4:19 am

Well, yesterday's blog elicited a surprising response, with a slew of emails from readers and even non-readers, all of whom consoling me that trolls are simply a feature of the internet, that they sometimes succeed in catching people on bad days, and that, like playground bullies, the best response is to ignore them.

So, I put away the dolls with pins, and took heart from the heart-warming responses I've received. To each and all, my humble thanks.

I also learned, en passant from one correspondent, that SoL now filters the upper and lower 5% of votes, so they won't affect overly my gradual march to free Premium access. My best guess is that will take another three or four chapters, and I've plenty of incidents to keep Simon, et al., that busy and more.

So, duly heartened, I now start work on Trudi 7 wherein Simon visits with Vernon, lots of talking happens, and I might squeeze in something related to Trudi's actual birthday, with Eleska's next appearance looming in the not too distant future...

Cheered once more,