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End Part III: Foolish Wisdom

October 25, 2014
Posted at 10:46 am

Sophomore year has ended for the cast of "Living Next Door to Heaven" and the stage is set for the angst of separation, misunderstanding, and taking the next step into adulthood. What comes next?

Part IV: Deadly Chemistry begins on Monday. The kids are going to be facing challenges like never before. Most of them turn seventeen this year and that removes the restriction on penetration. Oh, it's still slow and angst-ridden. Nothing knocks your sex-drive for a loop like depression. And no one gets depressed like a teen does. But life goes on. Intimacy is a powerful force in the lives of teens and even when they are playing on the brink of consummation, we find new and exciting adventures, firsts, and a wide range of new and interesting relationships.

I suppose that statistically, few dating relationships make it past high school and fewer still past college. Yet I'm a romantic sentimentalist and want nothing more than a relationship that lasts forever--even if it is a multiple, polyamorous relationship. So as we head for the dark times, we'll also be looking for the light.

And for those of you who want "real" sex, you've still got fifteen or so chapters of "almost there" to get through.

I have to put in a word about the intro I put in this and then hope to let it rest until the story unfolds. Yes, there is murder, attempted suicide, rape, racial conflict, and abuse in Part IV. Most of the violence is off-screen but affects the whole group in profound ways as they talk about it and cry over it.

When violence is on-screen, it is non-sexual. Brian has been bullied before and has risen to protect himself and his friends. Now he is truly rising to leadership in his group, even though he has always been reluctant to claim it. Leaders are simply the people that other people follow. And Brian has a profound sense of responsibility toward those who love him.

I hope you continue to enjoy LNDtH and that the bright spots counterbalance the dark in Part IV.