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Grammar Nazi returns to the battlefield!

October 24, 2014
Posted at 3:47 pm

I get more feedback from my blog postings vis a vis grammar than I get for my stories.

I must sally forth in defense of our language, be it spoken in England or Australia or Canada or wherever.

I feel like I'm back in 4th grade.

We're dealing here with two cases of pronouns -- subjective (I, we, he, she) and objective (me, us, him, her.). I'll stick to those to keep things simple.

The subject of the sentence, no matter how complex, demands subjective case. The object likewise demands objective case.

As one of my correspondents put it:

'My father gave I a kick up the arse.' doesn't
quite flow does it...

Whereas: 'My father gave me a kick up the arse.'
certainly fits better...

Therefore, the correct extension is 'My father
gave me a kick up the arse, along with my sister.'

'My father gave my sister and me a kick up the

'Oh, and if you want to know why he abused us this
way... I used 'I' instead of 'me' on one occasion
and my sister started a verbal fight over it.

A week or two ago three Jeopardy contestants could not come up with "what is the objective case" in response to a clue. O tempora, o mores!

Back to school boys and girls! It is simple. Take "my sister" out of the clause and it should become obvious to your ear.

I've reconsidered. I cannot yield on this point. I defend the language ...and pile the ramparts high with our English dead!