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Contact details changing

October 23, 2014
Posted at 8:29 am

Hi folks I'm pleased to report that (from 23-10-2014) my internet woes are now a thing of the past. I hope?

However my old internet provider is still finding new ways to aggravate my life further.

Please note that my email address has now changed and my old addresses are no longer supported by

In consequence, if anyone has my old addresses in their address book, would kindly delete them.

I will be sending out charge of address emails, but obviously I can't send them to everyone in my address book. I'm sure my email address would very quickly be declared a possible spam source if I tried to do that.

If you do not receive my new address in an personal email, I apologise. But I can always be contacted through this sites feedback system. Regards and thanks for your support over the years


Yeah so it's up twice! But not everyone knows that I post under more than one pseudonym.