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Their-there, now

October 22, 2014
Posted at 3:50 pm

I hate when one of these slips through. Absolutely hate it. A reader kindly pointed out to me that I'd used the wrong form and in the process of re-reading, I found several other errors that I corrected. Don't know how this chapter got so messed up. I'm sorry.

Also have a new pre-reader who read the entire story in one sitting from beginning to the end of Part V. He managed to point out a few inconsistencies in timing and events that I've managed to go back and correct. Thank you, Alex! It's much easier to spot that kind of thing if you read the suspect chapter earlier in the day instead of two months ago.

If you ever find typos or errors in a chapter, please let me know as I'm working on reposting a few chapters as I go.

Also, based on a number of requests, I will release the first five parts of LNDtH on Kindle, but not until Part V finishes posting in the spring. I have decided that some names in the current version are too close to real people and that I will need to make a few other changes to be a little closer to the reality that is without getting too close to the reality that was. So, if you buy the eBooks--which I appreciate the number of you who have indicated that you'd like to contribute in some way--the story will be the same, but the characters will be different. For continuity's sake, I will not change all the names and places here on SOL.