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Bela 8 new chapters

October 21, 2014
Posted at 1:36 pm

I labeled part 5, "Conclusion", but there are still several chapters I've written for it. I start out intending to get these characters to finish off the story, then one of them takes off on her own - almost like they don't want this to end - and I have to send other characters to the rescue. Bringing this puppy home is like trying to herd cats - which is actually easier, 'cause cats can't teleport (can they?).

OH! I love feedback, but I can't answer if you're not signed in. Replies to 'Anonymous - do not answer' don't work, as the SOL thingie doesn't know where to send it. But, I'd rather hear from you anonymously than not at all.

A couple more chapters and book 8 will be finished.