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October 19, 2014
Posted at 2:36 pm

Phoenix Rising

I have begun an outline for a complete rewrite of The Newsome Malediction - Phoenix Rising. With the rewrite in mind I pulled the old version down. I'm going to write this in the month of November in conjunction with Nation Novel Writing Month their website is There will be some of the original version of the story there but not much. Or rather what is there will be totally reworked.

This is a brief synopsis of the story.
A terrible curse descends with a vengeance on the Newsome family. Constant horror accosts the hapless family throughout the centuries. Misery and death plague the coastal community of New Guildford as the devoted followers of the Demon Goddess 'Yasheara', a fallen angel, torments the Newsome's family.

Drawn back to his ancestral home, Bart, the most cursed member of the family, embarks on the task of ending the curse. He will have to do battle with supernatural beings and the powerful 'Yasheara' herself to save the Newsome family. Before he can do that he must face the vengefully wrath of the Phoenix and her centuries old animosity. Is it even possible to end The Newsome Malediction?