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Serendipity - Version Charlie

October 15, 2014
Posted at 10:58 am

Okay, I know that some of you sharper tools in the shed are already asking, "Serendipity Charlie?! What the hell happened to Serendipity Bravo?"

You are astute. And no, I didn't sneak Bravo in under anybody's radar. Let's delve into the mind of Robert Lubrican for a few seconds. You can wash your hands afterward.

When my muse dropped the idea for "Serendipity" on me, it was actually the plot line from what will some day be version bravo of the story. So I started writing it. At that time, of course, there was only one version.

But those of you who know me are aware that my mind darts off in many different directions while I write. Add to that, the fact that sometimes characters develop a will of their own, and my fingers get tugged to alternate keys on the keyboard.

Thus are "versions" born.

Pretty soon what ended up as version alpha got going, while version bravo,(the original plot line), perked happily on the back burner. I won't go into the differences, because that would spoil it for you later.

What happened next was that the idea (and need) for version charlie came tromping through the house with muddy feet. I took a break from alpha to start charlie, so that the idea would be documented and I wouldn't forget it.

Okay, so now I'm stirring alpha, until it's ready to serve to Michelle (my lovely proofreader) and Andy (my manly editor) and then you (my discerning readers), and bravo and charlie are being kept warm on the back burner.

Then alpha is done and I take a week off from writing to post it, because trying to write while you post something just rarely works out well at all.

And then it was time to reach for a pan to prepare the second course of the feast.

Dare I say feast?

Of course I do. I'm the most humble man I know.

Anyway, what ended up meeting my hand was version charlie. It said, basically, "I want to be done NOW!"

So I worked on it.

And now it's at Michelle's house for a visit. And when she's done with it, Andy will take his swipe at things and I'll post it.

But it's version Charlie.

So why don't I just call it Bravo and go on?

Well, it's like this. In Alpha, there is Bob and his niece and her two friends. And things develop as you have already read. In version Bravo, there is Bob and Caitlin and her two friends, but things develop in a different manner than they did in version Alpha. They are similar in some ways, but different in important ways.

But in version Charley, there are not two friends for Caitlin. It's just her and Bob. It starts out very much like the other two, but then goes off on a complete tangent, compared to them.

So the logical progression is to leave them titled as they originally were.

It just so happens that I finished the third version before I finished the second. It just worked out that way. And I know better than to fight my muse, who has sharp little teeth and doesn't mind using them on me when I try to stray from the directions she gives me in my head.

All clear?

I just wanted you to understand that I'm not senile, and didn't forget to post Bravo and all that.

Bravo will be next. It's safely covered with a dish towel and is still rising.

I promise to get that bun in the oven real soon.

Thanks for reading,