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Patience People, Patience.

October 11, 2014
Posted at 11:06 am

My, my, my, there are several of you out there who need to have a little patience. There were several emails that asked about the barbecue that was supposed to be with Kay's mentor. Honest folks, I didn't forget it, it's in this week's chapter and it leads to more interaction with Troy's family. I think you'll like it when I have that interaction posted.

If you really think I've overlooked something, please do write to me and let me know about it. I want this story to be whole and not leave anything hanging. I and my two editor/proof readers have done pretty well in not dropping anything but it has (rarely) happened. I appreciate your help in keeping everything straight.

To answer the question I asked a couple of weeks ago: I will be continuing the story of Rob and Kay for a while yet, for an indeterminate period. I received some good suggestions when I asked for your input and I will be including at least of some of them.

Just as an 'Oh, by the way', I reviewed the beginning of the story this past week and realized I needed to update the 'Preface' because it was woefully behind in the 'Cast of Characters'. I posted that update today as well.

Until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -