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October 10, 2014
Posted at 1:48 pm
Updated: October 10, 2014 - 1:51 pm

My Return To Writing:

After a very detailed, four month remodeling project of
a rental cabin located on my property, I am finally able to
concentrate on writing again.

I had a lot of time alone to think about where I wanted to
go first. I knew all along that one day I would return to the
tale about Rick Dalton and The Dalton Gang.

If you have read my stories, you may remember this one as,
'All American Boy'. This was the very first story I posted on
SOL. There were and still are a lot of errors, especially in the
first original chapters. I've learned a lot since then, not that I've
gotten any better, just that I realized I needed an editor or three.

As of right now, I am eight chapters deep into a ten chapter run
on 'All American Boy'. I hope to finish these ten chapters in time
to have them edited and ready to start posting by November 1.

This run of ten chapters will take us to the end of the football
season and the end of Part One. Yes, I said, Part One because
I have committed myself to taking this tale of football, sex and
fun through Part 2 at least. Maybe even more if enough readers pick
it up and keep it going.

My plans are, to post a chapter a week for ten weeks, during
which time, I hope to have another, shorter story ready to post.

I have more stories waiting in line also, some of which I have
pulled out of my files, dusted them off and gave the characters
a damn good talking to. I'm tired of them sitting around on their
ass, cluttering up my hard drives and never even bothering to
get into trouble!

I'm still working on my next western-or semi-western-it will be.

I am also close to finishing Part One of a very long, very erotic
tale of a young, unassuming country boy-detailing his life, his
lessons, his misfortunes, as well as his fortunes, and his sexual exploits,
in such a manner that I plan to call it an odyssey of his life.

If you are a reader of my stories, I hope you like the updates and
the new stories that will be posted.

If you're not, I'm sure you will find what you're looking for elsewhere
on Stories Online.

Regardless of your preferences, I wish you happy reading.