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Update on Harry Lime Stories

October 10, 2014
Posted at 4:46 am

It has been 8 months since my last update. I think that is because I have been doing a lot of blog writing on Twitter and on Facebook. Thus far in 2014, I have written 245 short story chapters. That would equate to about 1,000 pages of content. I am still engaged in the project to bring all SOL continued stories up to date or to conclude them completely. In some cases, the storylines were unintentionally marked as "to be continued" I recently placed a total of 25 e-books on Amazon under the Harry Lime banner. The two most popular are the "Babysitter" stories and now an adult Western called "Shootout in the Badlands" which rose to #86 on the most popular Western list on Amazon. My longest story is called "Rule Number One is to Survive" The "Survivor" segment is complete. The "Looter" segment is 75% complete and the "Military" segment is 50% complete. I had originally thought to do them in rotating chapters like "The Queen of the Nile" but I think it makes it too confusing to readers so will keep them separated. While most of my writings are erotic in nature, I have written some non-erotic stories. My favorite is called "The General" which is about Major General Benedict Arnold, a man both a hero and a traitor. His story is one that has really never been done either in Hollywood or fictionalized with any degree of success. I saw a lot of overlap with his story and the current TV series called "Turn" about "Washington's Spy Ring". I tend to view that to be incorrect because the spy ring was really the brainchild of Arnold and not Washington. His collusion with Major Andre the head of the British Intelligence Service in America led to the infamous betrayal at West Point and caused Major Andre to be hung as a spy. This story will be concluded in the next month and also published as an e-book with the help of my publisher. Don't expect it to be popular because it is more Historical Fact presented in a fictional format. Lack of erotic action limits distribution. haha I also released "Fiona's Last Fling" this month October 2014 which is a tale of a 60 year old widow determined to make up for lost time. I have just started a story that I like quite a bit called "Martha Takes the Case". It has a bit of sex but not really my usual erotic style. It is more Mystery than erotica. My inspiration for this came from a recent episode of the BBC "New Tricks" which featured a different side of a policeman's wife who suddenly is a better investigator than her husband. Both characters are a bit advanced in years but I think BBC is missing a trick by not "spinning" this off into a test pilot for the actors or alternates with the same storyline. A story that is almost complete is called "In the Hands of the Enemy" which is an erotic tale of a captured Nurse in the clutches of the Japanese Army as they retreat from the counterattack by Allied forces in WWII. A couple of chapters treat with the Atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki with some factual details. Nurse Heidi is a complex character and will not be liked by females with an assertive attitude. Still, she manages to survive in a similar fashion to my heroine in "Return of a Hero" about a female soldier returning to the U.S. from Afghanistan with a severe case of PTSD. I want to thank all those readers who took time to comment about my stories and inform me of errors in writing that I overlooked before publishing. I really should do better editing but I am writing so fast, it is difficult to slow down and do it properly. I will try better to do more updates because it helps to sort things out. HL