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'Meeting Johna' removed

October 8, 2014
Posted at 9:52 am

I have asked Lazeez and he removed Meeting Johna for me. It never worked on this site because the formatting was removed, making it hard to understand. I had be under the mistaken impression that it was not possible for an author to remove a story, because the option is the only one not made directly available to us. However Lazeez kindly informed me that he could remove the story and I greatly appreciated to offer. Is it now gone from this site here. It can be seen in the correct version and format on my ASSTR site. Just do an author search on the site for me, VeryWellAged and you will find all my stories, including that one.

Why didn't it work? I used indents for SMS Text messaging interplay. The indents were removed. Additionally I used different fonts to identify more easily who was 'speaking' but this site strips that out as well. In the original, the actual photos of the girls appear. That was not possible here...

Like I have said before, SOL is not a particularly good fit for me. I tried, but the wheels just came off,