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Allow me to clarify something

October 7, 2014
Posted at 9:04 am

When I said what I did in my previous post, that doesn't mean you will like what I write. Maybe it's outside your comfort zone. Maybe it's not the sort of thing you want to read. I make no claims that anyone will like my work, though some clearly do. What I was saying was that for me, SOL was too cramped and I was basically told to not post my stories here as they were outside the boundaries of acceptable content. I think Lazeez will acknowledge this last item. I mean no disrespect to him or this site, but for many reasons, both on my part and on Lazeez's, I was not a good fit. None of the stories I have written recently can be posted here based on SOL policy.

My comment yesterday was simply if you like some story of mine here, you probably would have liked the reworked version on ASSTR better. There was no implication that you would like it at all.