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Update and Change

October 4, 2014
Posted at 8:17 pm

I edited and updated Chapter 1 of Living Next Door to Heaven. In general, I don't like prologues or prologue-type introductory sections that give you a glimpse of the distant future in the story and then bring you back thirty years or something to tell how it all began. I've done that a couple times with stories here and both times were with a specific intent. Neither one, though, really added anything to the story. I'll probably remove the prologue from The Prodigal as well.

I used the intro section for two reasons. The first was to give readers who had absolutely nothing to go on an indication that there was going to be a pretty long story involved since Brian was around thirty and looking back twenty years to the "real" beginning. The second was to keep in mind that I also had a goal and direction with the story. I know the end-point (or at least the end of that particular story-line).

But now there are 58 chapters posted and I've written 110. I know where it is headed. Readers can readily see that it's a long story and will be even longer. The prologue served its purpose. So I've cut it and inserted a couple very subtle hints about Brian's character so it doesn't come as quite such a surprise later.

It's not really necessary to go back and read the chapter again, but I know that occasionally people do go back in the story to check something, so I'm just letting you know that what you think you are checking might not be there anymore.