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Rogue Magus - Writing Oct 1

October 2, 2014
Posted at 12:22 am

--==( Rogue Magus )==--
So badly I want to say that my first day was successful, but it wasn't. I planned out three chapters for today. I got about a chapter and a half done.

For some reason, I didn't get to be last night until almost 2 am. I don't know what made me stay up so late. I wasn't gaming or watching porn, so I didn't have a good reason. This morning I got up and got Dustin on the bus to school. After that, I was supposed to be free to write until my sister left for work, but no. Carter, the 2yo, woke up and was running around like a mini-cyclone getting into everything until his mom woke up. But, she woke up at ten, had to get ready for work and leave at eleven. Which meant it was just me an the boy until she got home from work. So, I sat down to watch cartoons with him and by noon, we had both conked out on the couch. I woke up long enough to move us to my bed and we slept till two. Then I worked on chapter one via pen & paper throughout the afternoon until his mom go home. she appeared and then disappeared into her room, where the boys aren't allowed to go. I worked on the chapter some more at my computer right up until I found out that I was being dragged out of the house by friends to go to a karaoke contest. I went, but took my pen and paper with me. I got more work on the story done at the contest than I had all day long!

So, current standing? Chapter one rough draft is complete. Chapter two rough draft is half done.

I don't have to worry about watching my nephews until tomorrow evening. Hopefully I'll get more done. Hopefully.

--==( Internet Access )==--
The bill has been caught up completely. Thank you to all donors! I'll be emailing the rough drafts out as soon the one for chapter three is finished. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon or evening. Thank you again!