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Someone mentioned in my stories needs help

October 1, 2014
Posted at 7:50 pm
Updated: October 1, 2014 - 7:58 pm


I came home today to discover someone I know but have never met, Michael Scott, also known as "Dorkman", was hit by a car last night. It jumped the curb, pinning him to a concrete column as he was walking to dinner. Fractured skull, internal damage. He's a regular on the "Friends in Your Head" podcast, and made the "Ryan vs Dorkman" light saber duel videos. I mentioned him in "A Leader Born." His friends have set up a donation page for medical expenses. While help is pouring in, I thought I would extend the call for help.

If you would like to see and hear him, a video version of the podcast recorded over the weekend and released yesterday can be found here:

Just because, here's the scene mentioning him from Chapter 4 of A Leader Born.

The second source of her training was a pair of YouTube videos of some guys fighting with light sabers.

She had watched those two fight over and over. One reason, of course, what that the guy with the glasses was damned cute. He was gay, yes, as she'd found out tracking him down to this movie podcast he did, but she could change that. Shanna had the half-written fanfic to prove it. The other reason she loved those fights was the style. Not so much the actual light saber stuff, but what they did apart from that. The two guys, whenever there was an opening, would punch and kick each other. The idea wasn't to score style points, it was to beat the other guy however possible. Punch them in the kidney, kick them in the knee, whatever. Just win.

Before the green guy could react to her block of its attack, Shanna kicked her foot out, catching him in the leg. She jumped back.