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How Long Will This Continue?

September 27, 2014
Posted at 8:49 am

I originally thought I would bring the story of Rob and Kay to a close shortly after their wedding, even though I didn't have an exit planned out. Heck, I haven't had anything planned out as I've written this story.

I've had several readers comment that they'd like to see the story continue, one said "forever" (that's a little much). These comments are very encouraging and I will continue the story for a while yet but I don't know for how long or to what point. Until Kay graduates? Until Rob completes the resorts project? Until there are children? I don't know.

If you have a suggestion or recommendation of what should happen within the story and particularly when, where or how to bring this story to a close, please send it to me. I may or may not use what you send me but I will give it some consideration.

Until next time.

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