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The Differences in Readers and Football

September 26, 2014
Posted at 4:54 pm

I recently traded e-mails with two readers who had just discovered my stories, both had been reading the first Magic Ink story.

The first reader kept sending me e-mails asking questions about why Mark made the decisions that he did in the story, and he seemed unable to understand why Mark acted the way that he had. It turned out that this particular reader was rather liberal, and was unable to accept the story as it was written. He quit after chapter five.

The second reader was apparently having a hard tome in life, thought I didn't question him on that, it was apparent from his remarks. He stated that the stories made him feel better about himself and his life.

Two different readers and two different reactions to the same material. It appears that it is true that you can't please everyone.

FOOTBALL: It would appear, at least to this writer, that the defense has the advantage presently. There have been too many games this season that are nothing more than a series of three plays and out.

Is this because the teams now spend so much time watching videos of their opponents? There has also been a lot of sloppy plays -- at least in the games that I have watched parts of. Is this because of a lack of time spent on the practice field because most of their time was spent watching videos, and there are no more surprises in the games anymore?

When this poor performance is coupled with an excess number of commercials, and political commentary by those who are supposedly experts on the game, it has left this writer and watcher less than happy with the presentations this year. I have turned off a number of, to me at least, boring games. Maybe the teams will improve during the season, but only time will tell.

Less time watching the tube has helped me find more time to write, and Ashley III is coming along fairly well.

Keep Well,
uncle jim