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Today is definitely a good day!

September 23, 2014
Posted at 4:30 pm

My wife's operation has been cancelled! She is receiving some new medicine (she doesn't know the name) that is tearing hell out of the clots, and the umpteen doctors who have examined her are sure that she has weathered the storm. She will take the new medicine for a little while longer, but the doctors think that she will be able to return to her rehab place very quickly. At that point, they will put her on Coumadine, to control the clots, and she should be fine. At her age (nearly 81), no operation is a good idea if there is an alternative.

I want to thank all of the people who sent me e-mails expressing sympathy and good wishes. Especially, I would like to thank those who offered transportation into Boston. I will not be going to the hospital in Boston, so I will not need that transportation. You guys are all great, and I cannot thank all of you enough. You sure made me feel better with your notes.

Anyway, there were simply too many notes for me to answer them individually, so I hope that this does the job. This just points out that humans are great people!