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It's been a while

September 21, 2014
Posted at 1:36 pm

I guess I need to put things on the table here.

Life intrudes. Last week was ONLY 500 road miles and three days out of town. I've been doing 800 or better. Eats into the writing, you know. sometimes the muse tickles me when I'm out of town, sometimes not, just like at home.

I just sent a chapter of Kimberly off to the editor and started on a chapter of Road Rash. gotta do something.

My friend across the ocean seems to have dropped out again. Domestic issues can be a bummer. I was looking forward to integrating his story into mine, but I may just have to pull up short there and do a different angle instead.

A lot of you seem to like Terri in Community. I like her, too. She brings a different view to my favorite bunch of characters. Be assured you'll see plenty of her in there. I'm bringing Jo and Stoney (from Melodic Redemption) back for a visit to the Community, too.

As always, comments and suggestions are much appreciated.