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So, it has been a week since The Spirit of Poland ended

September 18, 2014
Posted at 9:35 pm

Hi all.

Another book done. Not a great one, no, but I had fun. That's all that matters in the greater scheme of things. As the downloads and scoring slows, I see a late surge has brought the score down closer to that of A Leader Born. I respect scores based on a finished book, so have no problem with that. Downloads may hit 4,000 eventually, but now are a bit lower. I can probably still go with the fun "fact" that each book in the series has half the readership of the one before. When I talk about scores and such, I get letters telling me to not pay attention to them, don't let them get you down, etc. Obviously, my humor isn't coming through. I in all honesty am amused by everything that happens to my stories on SOL. Nothing at this point can piss me off. I mean, hell, The Magic of Bells, my best book, only had 600 readers. You have to just laugh at that.

If there is one thing, score wise, I'm upset about, it's that A Servant of Wisdom now has a 6.67. It had a 6.66 for over a year. Can we somehow get that score back? It was so perfect!

Up next, there are a few options. At some point I will do a short sex story that fits in with the ending of The Spirit of Poland. Just haven't been in the mood quite yet. I'm working on an idea for another religious story, taking a look at things from yet another direction. I'm having fun bouncing ideas off Letoria. So far, none of them have hurt her.

I'll have epub and print versions of the new book ready at some point, mostly for myself and my editor. Maybe my store will have a second customer!