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Enter the darkness

September 16, 2014
Posted at 10:46 pm

I'm not a fan of horror stories. At the same time I don't see the world as a place especially filled with light. I do believe it is possible for good to win over evil, but to do so good must keep being good in the face of evil. To imagine there is not a struggle between the two is a fool's errand. So many of my stories end up being a bit darker, and a bit less upbeat than others, that and the fact that I do have a hard time writing effective endings for my stories seems to drag my scores down.
One thing that has lead me to this conclusion is that the best scoring story in my collection is Family Letters. Family Letters has rarely had a dark moment, and if I've done it right even contains something of a humorous bent occasionally. The problem is that I doubt that without Allan to sustain me I could have written something quite so lighthearted.
Soon, I should have another episode of the Outpost series done, again, at best it is a fairly dark tale...
All of which tells me that I do need to think about how I can present the dark side of life a little less starkly without failing to tell the truth. That is the truth as I see it, that is that life is hard, and then you get old and your body becomes a trap for your spirit.