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Hands, the Novella

September 16, 2014
Posted at 12:43 pm

This concludes Hands, the novella; it's about 26 000 words in length, which makes it a half-novel.
Thanks to the 5 000 plus readers who kept following through each chapter; special thanks go to those who wrote me with opinions, corrections, and suggestions.
My only regret is not being able to post the cover photo here, but I've sent it to some who wrote me. It features a closeup of rat hands, complete with bristling hairs and claws.
If you want a free copy of the novella, download it now. This story, like my previous efforts, will be removed from SOL and BtFH in about a week, as soon as final revisions are complete and edited. After that, it will be available on Amazon.
Thanks for reading.