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Clitoride Nominations--Already

September 14, 2014
Posted at 11:21 am

I was filling out a data sheet yesterday and it asked for "awards." I smirked and decided to include the Clitorides awards from last year. Of course, I wanted to make sure I was stating them correctly so I went to the site. The Prodigal, third place for "Best Romantic Story 2013." The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality, third place for "Best Erotic Fantasy Story 2013" I wrote this in the data sheet and then noticed that there's a link for this year's nominees--even though technically there are likely to be some stories completed and eligible before the end of the year and nominations don't usually close until mid or late February.

Why do I bring this all up? I was surprised and gratified to find Redtail already nominated fifteen times for "Best Erotic Western Story" this year. I was secretly hoping that would happen. Thank you! I was really surprised, though, to find it nominated twenty times as "Best Incest Story." Wow! I had to stop and think if there was incest in this story. Usually, a story marked "incest" has brothers and sisters or parents and children. Cole and Mary Beth are first cousins and in the State of Wyoming, covered under incest laws. So it qualifies.

It took me most of a day before I face-palmed myself. When he time-travels, Cole inhabits the body of Kyle and falls in love with his own great-great grandmother. He becomes his own ancestor, though granted, it is in someone else's body. I guess that really counts as keeping it in the family!

Well, thank you all for nominating Redtail in these two categories and if you haven't yet, please join the crowd. Finalists are based on the number of nominations.

I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming sequel to Redtail, and although I haven't chosen a name yet, I've been getting some good suggestions. I'll write that story in November on my retreat in New Mexico. After re-writes and editing, it will probably start posting in February. I've got a whole new take on incest in this one. As well as time-travel, suspense, and adventure. I'll be in Laramie for a while near the end of October doing research and am attempting to arrange a reading and signing of Redtail either at the Second Story Book Store or at the Coal Creek Coffee Company. They are right across the street from each other. If you are anywhere in the area, I hope to see you in Laramie!