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Lifus Interuptus

September 14, 2014
Posted at 12:09 am

While the difficulties I'm experiencing may not be as tough as those of some others I've read about here in other blogs, I too am experiencing life upheavals. First let me say that I live and work somewhere near an outer ring of Hades. I'm certain that is the reason that it was still over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday. Today I don't know what the temperature was 'cause I was out of town all day.... The reason I was out of town was because I totaled my car yesterday (Friday) on my way home from work. Now I guess I'll be riding my bike to work, which is good for my health in one way but hard on my energy level so I will not be writing as much. I've already talked to Allan Joyall to suggest that we slow down the posting schedule on Family Letters to give us some time so that we will maintain our lead and not have a hiatus of too much time as I go through this difficult period of my life...
Hopefully I can obtain cheap, reliable transportation that doesn't guzzle gas. Right now I have available (possibly) cheap, reliable transportation that does guzzle gas. That is unacceptable, as I barely make enough to eat and pay my rent without buying gas for a gas hog.