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Night Stalker

September 11, 2014
Posted at 7:15 pm

A reader sent me a comment. He said the story was too short; didn't like it. The reader is never invested in the thoughts or characters in the story.

I go to the bookstore and page through creative writing books. They say to give the reader credit for knowing something; don't spoon feed them the obvious. I have heard writers mention writing stories for competition of stories with 1,000 words or less. Readers Digest has submittals of just a few hundred words. This was my attempt to see what I could do in 1,000 words.

I agree with the person who sent me his comments; not a good story. Never the less, I was curious enough to see how this effort would turn out. I need to re-think this effort!

I saw one story on SOL that was very short. To me it had a punch line; a good joke. Maybe that's how to do it. Anyway, I am thankful for his comments.