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Leila, Chapters 9 & 10

September 5, 2014
Posted at 5:49 pm

The new chapters have gone to the Moderators for posting.

The final chapters open with Thomas in the Dean's office. She offers him the job of interim Head of the Magic Department. She however does not understand the O'Connells and Thomas needs to explain things.

Thomas checks with the Magic Department staff the next day and accepts the job of interim Head of the Magic Department. Alisha takes over teaching Thomas's first class of the day.

On Friday afternoon, Thomas has a meeting with the Faculty of the Magic Department and some interesting facts are revealed.

The final chapter opens with preparations for Thanksgiving and the clan dinner that day. Leila also learns that Thomas has a house of his own and has many questions.

At the Thanksgiving dinner, Leila meets Katie, Margie, and Mark, the founders of Clan O'Connell. She is very impressed. Thomas and Leila move into their house the following week. Thomas buys Leila an engagement ring just before Christmas, which is spent at his Parents' house.

In January of 2099, Leila starts at UGA as a student. By Valentine's Day she is pregnant, and they are married on St. Patrick's Day in the Otherworld. Leila takes her Third Level Exam the next day.

Thomas's PhD students are worried about the new Head of the Magic Department and wish to transfer to UGA to finish their studies. Leila takes her Master's Exam in August.

A problem develops in October, when Leila's Mother appears with a warrant for Thomas's arrest. Leila's appearance convinces the sheriff that the warrant is bogus, but Leila is very upset. They eventually learn who supplied the information for the warrant, and Leila returns her Mother to Boston, and then goes to deal with the culprit in her own way.

Leila and Thomas's Daughter, Margaret Kathleen O'Connell is born three weeks later.

In the Epilogue, we learn what occurred over the next fifteen years, but I won't spoil it for your enjoyment by revealing it. Enjoy these final chapters of Leila.

I received some suggestions to expand the story, and there were a number of places where I could have padded it or changed the plot to make the story longer, but I chose not to do that. The intent of the story was for it to be about Leila, but much of it was taken up by events affecting both Thomas and her after he met her.

I am currently working on several stories, and believe the next one will be 'Ashley III'. The twins have grown up, and have definite ideas of what they want to do in life. The story will be a short time in appearing due to editing requirements.

Keep Well,
uncle jim