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I think I'm finally back... kind of... sort of...

September 2, 2014
Posted at 7:04 pm

I really didn't think I'd be away as long, but I've had nothing for spare time over the last year or so :(

Excuses, I've got more than a few... lots of continuing pain that I've just decided to live with rather than having a second or third round of surgeries or coping out of a pill bottle. My job was keeping me busy about 60 hours a week and with a silly unnecessary level of stress. I'll have been with them for two years as of Halloween so I'll wait for my annual bonus and then job hunt for something less crazy. Oh, and I also recently moved. Not far (just the next subdivision over) but it was a major financial and physical hassle. Three months later and nearly everything we own is still in boxes!

To add to the frustration and significant discouragement, I ended up never receiving a dime from the company that handled converting some of my stories to eBooks for Amazon. Not a cent. I've been trying to get the stories removed, but not having much success.

Anyway. I note to my delight/horror that I have nearly a year's worth of email to answer, and I'm already dealing with it. I also think that now I'll be able to get back to semi-regular writing again. First up the next Arc Deco... it's been completely written in my head for months, but I've had no time or motivational ambition to get it typed out.

Onwards... one little step at a time I suppose.