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A String of Pearls

September 1, 2014
Posted at 9:41 am

I have to admit that most stories on SOL don't really grab me. Maybe I'm a bit old for pure stroke stories, for one thing. Others are just poorly written or not to my taste.

But occasionally I stumble across a gem. In this case it is a whole necklace, earrings and a broach. Written by Pedant the series is called "A Gordy and Weena Adventure." It is set in Australia and I found it fascinating, a real education.

It helps to have a map of Australia as you read it, and keep google handy to look stuff up, because he travels all over and is an entomologist by trade, a polymath by nature. He intersperses the travelogue and academic with folk tales from the aborigines of Down Under to ones from America, Japan, etc. and later in the series mixes in some academic and national politics. He quotes from Aristotle and Shakespeare and Kipling and....

The current volume (the 19th in the series and still "in progress") is called "University" but it's better to start with the first book "Young Gordy"


which is fairly short but gives you an idea. The series really starts to crackle in the sixth book, "Love in Laverton."

Some of the books are short, some are long, all are interesting.

The whole series has kept me distracted this week -- I'm on book 14, "Gordy's Problem" at the moment. But I don't feel guilty because it is also giving me ideas for my next book in what I've decided is my Naked in Central High series.

Oh, if you're looking for graphic sex you won't find it here.