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August 31, 2014
Posted at 6:01 pm

Sarah's Saga Part 3 - Comrie

Part three of Sarah's Saga began posting today. Current plans are to post twice a week. The posting pace could pick up, but it depends on how smoothly preparing the revised story goes. I think this is actually more difficult than creating the story to begin with. The nice part is that I can improve it.

While Passin-Through and I have worked diligently to to correct spelling and other grammar related issues some undoubtly escaped. If you feel inclined please let me know of the errors, and we will fix it before it breeds. You know they are kind of like rabbits in terms of multiplying. ;-)

In revising the story, I am amazed by some of the errors that got through past proof reading and editors.

As too story codes, I think I got them right as I only marked those actually in the story.

Enjoy the story.

Cheers, Cainneach