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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way.

August 23, 2014
Posted at 10:25 am

I had a rough week. The water pump on my fifteen year old car (my primary transportation) failed while I was sitting at a stop light and all of a sudden I had a big green puddle under my car which was, oh by the way, overheating. Well heck! I nursed it home and had to figure out what to do next. I could buy a newer car, probably the quickest but most expensive solution, or I could repair my comfortable and faithful steed, something within my capabilities but the most time consuming option, while least expensive. The question being, would it be worth the efforts or was I just delaying the inevitable by only a short period? I opted for the repair which required research into the specific procedure needed to be done and obtaining a replacement pump. I lost a total of three days, half a week, getting the beast back on the road.

Then it was another two days getting all the grease and grime off my hands (up to my elbows) and out from under my fingernails.

Fortunately for my readers, I had a chapter in the bank, ready to post on schedule. Ah, the advantages of pre-planning. The Boy Scouts aren't wrong, always be prepared.

Until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -