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Bits and pieces

August 23, 2014
Posted at 1:07 am

Okay, boys and girls. I thought I'd appear before you (because I'm not behind you) and bring you up to date.

First off, do not feel I am denigrating you by calling you boys and girls. I just got an email from someone saying - and I'm paraphrasing here - "Since you write sex books, maybe you can tell me if I'm normal. I like to want to fuck girls who are older than me. Is that normal?"

I'm guessing this is a young man. Perhaps a very young man. They seem to pay no attention to the age restrictions society puts on reading the kind of thing I write.

But then teenagers don't pay any attention to the fact that they're not supposed to have sex until after they are eighteen. Or married, depending on the parents.

So I'm trying to phrase things so that the ten year olds who read my blog entries will be able to keep up.

The finger is healed enough to be able to write without getting too frustrated, and I have finished version Alpha of a book called Serendipity (or The Lucky Glimpse). It has been proofed by Michelle, and Andy has it for editing, so it should start showing up within a couple of weeks. I don't know how long it is because I haven't broken it down into chapters yet. I do that after all the changes have been made.

Version Bravo is well along and Version Charlie is started and outlined.

I had given some thought to making this an interactive novel, where the reader could choose which direction to take off in at various points. But then I remembered that everybody read all the different paths of The Passion of Art, which was my other interactive novel. And it's really a LOT of work to do those, so I just decided to leave it as multiple versions. Especially since the versions are all very different from each other.

And that's all the news that isn't.

Thanks for reading.