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August 22, 2014
Posted at 8:12 pm

First, the story is different. I hope you're enjoying the style.
The first 8 chapters are written; my editors and I are working through revisions and corrections.
I plan to post two chapters weekly starting Monday; one on Monday, one on Tuesday.
I anticipate 10 chapters to wrap everything up, about 20 000 or 25 000 words. Novelette length, in other words. A final twist or two, a question or two unanswered...
But it's intended to be fun, and if you smile, or grin, then I've done what I intended. SOL's readers were my first audience, and this was intended to reward you for giving me encouragement, even when not much of that was deserved!
If you like the story, don't wait too long to download it. I won't be leaving it up forever! :D