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Editing Update and Trailer.

August 20, 2014
Posted at 8:55 pm
Updated: August 21, 2014 - 12:22 pm

My story is still in editing and I should have enough chapters back to start posting in a few weeks. My plan is to build up a queue and start a weekly post until I have a big enough buffer to shift to two a weeks.

My editor has Act 1, which includes the Prologue and the first thirteen chapters. I am still finishing Act 2 and should be done soon.

In the interim here is another trailer:

{blue}The Northern Wastes, near where the Black Tower once stood, Andor. Current time.{/blue}

Large clouds began to form in the afternoon sky above the lovely, vibrant vale where once the Black Tower stood, situated within the desolation that was know known as the Northern Wastes. The Dragon Back Mountains kept the clouds from dropping down into the Eastern Realm where they could release their life giving water. Instead the clouds rebounded back against themselves until they grew into black and ugly thunderheads.

Lightning began to flash within the clouds as the air pressure dropped, while the occasional booming of thunder signaled the approaching storm. The storm continued to build as lightning flashed more frequently and more visibly, while angry, black clouds collided with each other. A bolt of lightning lanced down out of the clouds, striking the earth on a hilltop some half a league to the northeast of the vale. In its wake a black stone appeared with a hilt of a sword sticking out of the top.

Rain began to fall and hiss into steam as the raindrops touched the scorched and bare earth. As the rain increased small rivulets of black oily water began running down the slopes of the rolling hills collecting into greater streams, filling every depression with puddles of black oily water.

The rain lasted for perhaps half an hour and then slackened and finally stopped. The clouds began breaking up until once again the grey cloudless sky appeared. Even as the sky cleared the area saw no noticeable increase in light, as if the area was under a perpetual grey dreariness.

The ground refused the water so it lay in puddles and pools. The water itself was brackish and oily, polluted with whatever had tainted the earth. The sword and stone sat on the hillside glowing with the aftereffects of the lightning strike. A black viscous mass oozed out of the ground below the stone and began to travel away, sliding along the earth like an octopus gliding along the seafloor, and like an octopus the mass had tentacle like feelers radiating out from all sides, touching the ground, searching and feeling, inspecting the many depressions. The nightmare ooze had traveled about a stone's throw from the hillside when it abruptly stopped and concentrated all of its feelers at one particular spot. The oozing, pulsing black mass of energy flowed into the ground at the spot it had been testing, disappearing like sand from the top of an hourglass.

The ground began to shift and move and finally a clenched black gauntleted fist burst through the surface and then opened, splaying the fingers of the gauntlet outward. A moment later another gauntleted fist repeated the process. The ground was moving violently between the area of the two hands and slowly a black plate armored torso and dragon-helmed head rose from the earth!