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Still Alive

August 18, 2014
Posted at 5:24 pm

Lots of road work of late, but that's hardly something to hide behind. I mean, I COULD write in the hotel room, you know. I did quite a lot of that.

Truth is, i have 'muse' problems again. I sort of lost it on Community so I bounced half a chapter back to the other guy for some ideas. I'm waiting on those.

In the meantime, Road Rash gets a chapter. It's at the editors right now and should be posted soon. turns out that Jenn is a bit quirky, but then, that's just what Chuck needs. They get to find out how MUCH they need, at least in Round 1 and Round 2.

I also took a look at dear sweet Kimberly. That's open on the desktop right now.

I haven't given up writing. I told you guys long ago that I sort of fall in love with my girls and I enjoy giving them life.

Hang in there with me and let's see where they go.