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Dee's telling me it ain't over until SHE sez so!

August 16, 2014
Posted at 10:50 am

Dee has been whacking me over the head ever since I uploaded the last chapter. Never, she says, NEVER would she allow ANY party she attended be so incredibly BORING!

Oh sure, she admits it ended with a bang, but like any good fireworks display there was a hell of a lot more that led up to that bang which I LEFT OUT!

But.... But....

She interrupts my feeble protestations, telling me she doesn't give a rat's ass WHAT was going on in my -- as she puts it in her most denigrating tone of voice -- TEDIOUS real life! Her's is MUCH more interesting than I have depicted it, and she will NOT be denied!

So, having had twenty lashes from her whip applied to my -- well never mind where -- I am forced to revisit the account of her post-grad party.

A revised version of Chapter 27 will be forthcoming, hopefully within a week or so, one more in keeping with Dee's luminous personality and the true events of those memorable festivities.