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Dear Anonymous

August 12, 2014
Posted at 10:04 am

"Stories featuring multiple partners aren't
normally my type, especially stories where the
number of people involved suddenly grows by leaps
and bounds the way it does in this story, but the
way you've built this story is compelling. The
characters do not feel flat at all, and with most
characters who only get a quick mention, there is
the seemingly implicit unspoken promise of future
airtime. The characters who keep me coming back
to this story, namely Angela, Donna, and Jason
(Donna and Jason are just so cute together) are,
by and large, bit players, but I keep wanting to
see how their stories will play out set against
the larger story of Harry, Margo, Carol, and
Kelly. I'm hoping that you'll keep up with this,
your magnum opus, and that you'll be able to see
it to its end. Thank you for such a delightfully
twisted, human tale."

thank you. yeah, Donna & Jason are a lot of fun to write, i'm looking forward to when Jason has learned enough about the scene to actually date her.
Angela... never knew her backstory until she told me. interesting girl. not sure where her story will go, but i have no doubt we'll find out.