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Update for August 2014

August 8, 2014
Posted at 2:00 pm

I was reminded that I hadn't updated this BLOG in a long time. Some of you may already know that I've taken most of my work commercial, so there are few new uploads to SOL. Sorry, but being retired, every little bit helps... (and it is very little)...
So here's an update as of August 2014:

"Castaway Island" and "It's All Over But The Shouting!" (sequel to "These Girls Can Play") are both available on Amazon.com or Smashwords.com.
I decided to release works commercially a couple years ago and as I'm sure you can tell, I haven't posted anything to SOL in a while -- sorry!!

Castaway Island is a Sci-Fi story that starts a little slow, but gets interesting when the characters find a portal to a time warp. To some, the Mesoamerican history can be a bit monotonous, but are necessary for the rest to make sense. It is an "Ancient Aliens" work that takes it to the possibility that the "Council" will sterilize the earth again since humans are not capable of managing the planet with their present attitudes.

"It's All Over But The Shouting!" is the sequel to "These Girls Can Play" but has no adult content -- TGCP has been rewritten and released commercially also (much better punctuation and grammar than what is on the free sites).... "Shouting" is a retrospective story being told to the "Girls" children 20 years after TGCP ends. It goes into more detail of tours, activities, and how the music industry actually works. It doesn't deal with playlists, but events. My editor tells me that it's my best work yet.

Both of the above have been recently re-written to correct the many errors. I can't believe how many errors manage to slip through after an editor and a proofreader have gone through it...

I am in the process of rewriting "Deanna" which will be 2 books -- "A Learning Experience" is book 1 and "Tara's nightmare" is book 2. I am working on my "final" read of book 1 before publishing on Amazon and Smashwords. It's essentially the same story, but Dee, because of publishing rules, is 18. Other than that, it's the same.

I have just begun rewriting "Craft Faire Love" so that one will be a while. I have a sequel partly written, but it needs rewriting due to the age issues.

I am also working on a sequel to "Castaway Island" that concentrates on the life of their alien friend. It takes place prior to "Castaway Island" and will tell the story of why "Castaway Island" happened.... Editor recommended reading "Stranger in a Strange Land" when I gave him the brief synopsis, so....

So, that's where things are.

Again, sorry there isn't anything new here. I may try to reformat the commercial offerings at some point, but doing the formatting is a PIA!
Thank you for your continued support and though I haven't posted to SOL in a while, I still support the site!

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