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August 8, 2014
Posted at 1:07 pm

Summer not good for this author

I want to apologize to those who are waiting for more on the Michelle Tanner - Going West series. I am working on more stories but it is summer.

I run a movie theater and there is much more work in summer and the Holidays than the rest of the year. It requires many more hours of my time then. So little time is left for writing. I have two new Michelle Tanner stories that I am working on for this series. Actually there are 13 stories total that I have outlined for this series and she will be featured in more series.

I have begun to work on another series as well but won't put anything up till there are several stories to post. At least that is the plan. I also haven't updated my face book page of late Sorry! I love summer for the business in the theater and yet the increased business (and extra showings) makes it almost impossible to write.