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Part III: Foolish Wisdom

August 7, 2014
Posted at 6:37 pm

After tonight's chapter of LNDtH (40) there are only two more chapters in "Part II: The Agreement" that will post on 8/10 and 8/13. Never fear. I have uploaded all of "PART III: Foolish Wisdom." That will extend your reading pleasure through 10/24/2014. Chapters will continue to post every three days.

"PART IV: Deadly Chemistry" has all been written and edited, but it does take a while for the final proofreading, changes, and formatting to be finished before I upload. Nonetheless, you can count on it all being uploaded before PART III is anywhere near finished. I've now begun work on "PART V: The Rock." That's a tentative title, but it won't start posting until 1/8/2015, so I have time to make changes. For the record, here are the Parts as they are written so far.

PART I: Guardian Angel (Chapters 1-21)
PART II: The Agreement (Chapters 22-42)
PART III: Foolish Wisdom (Chapters 43-66)
PART IV: Deadly Chemistry (Chapters 67-90)
PART V: The Rock (Chapters 91-??)

Whenever I complete a milestone, it reminds me that I need to thank my editor/proofreader, Old Rotorhead, for his excellent volunteer work on this story. Many writers on SOL do their best to create quality stories and one of the great benefits we have are the several volunteer editors who work with us. You'll see Old Rotorhead's name attached as editor for several authors. Our work would not be as clean and professional if it wasn't for him and for our other readers and editors.

Speaking of readers, I'll mention Roger, as well. Roger is a fan and reader and has taken it upon himself to send me numerous corrections of material that in spite of our best efforts still made it into the final. I'm slowly--very slowly--going through Roger's notes and making changes that will appear as v. 1.1 or 1.2 of the chapters that have been posted. This is a long process, but I want to thank Roger for his time and for having enough enthusiasm for the story to contribute in this way.

I appreciate all your email, your scores, and your encouragement. I hope you all continue to enjoy Living Next Door to Heaven.