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The Heartland

August 1, 2014
Posted at 8:33 am

That isn't the name of a new story, but if anyone wants to write one, it sounds like a good title. It's actually where I am at the moment, crossing Iowa and Nebraska--The Heartland of America. It's beautiful. Everywhere you look there is food growing in the fields.

I realized, however, that since I crossed the Mighty Mississippi again yesterday and am now between it and the Rockies, I will have spottier cell coverage and thus limited Internet connectivity. Did you know it is as far across Iowa and Nebraska as it is across Texas? This is a big country!

To make sure LNDtH continues to post on its every-three-day schedule, I uploaded the first ten chapters of Part III this morning, so chapters are cued through September 12. I have another 40+ written and will continue to edit and write new material as I travel. Part IV is nearly finished. The problem is that each Part so far is about the same number of chapters, but the chapters keep getting longer! Part IV, by the way, is when I add "First" to the codes.

I usually try to respond to every email--or sometimes to every other one if you send a comment after each chapter. I really appreciate the feedback that I've received and am glad you are all enjoying the story. Just wanted to let you know that I might not receive and respond to email in as prompt a fashion as I usually do for the next month.

In the next few days, I'll be meeting a fan in Tony's hometown of Fremont NE (Model Student). Then I'll be visiting Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Devil's Tower--watching for all the cycles around Sturgis SD next week. (It's funny that Steve and Sue never visited there, DualWriter!) From there, I'll be visiting Cole's stomping grounds around Laramie WY. It will be fun to see if I described anything correctly in Redtail! Finally, I'll cross the Continental Divide (three times, I think) coming through and out of Yellowstone. I'll continue to update the blog when I can, but expect I'll start having more regular connectivity once I'm West of the Rockies. See you then!