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Wendolyn Too

July 30, 2014
Posted at 4:59 pm

I thought you explained

I did I did!

So help me…if you follow up with 'I did saw a puddytat' I'll leave your ass hanging!

You are no fun.

We have had this discussion before. I AM fun…you are nuts.


That's it…stammer your way out of this one.

But I did explain. Wendolyn Too had some grievous errors and trying to fix it I made it worse. I said that.

Keep talking.

So I quit trying to fix it and erased the whole damn thing except for where Wendy uses Too's money to buy the boat.


I went through it and realized I didn't explain things very well.


Chapters 11 through 18 are all different. Because of that chapters 19 through 30 are the same…except different.


I thought we established that years ago...