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Catching up

July 30, 2014
Posted at 8:17 am

Indiana is in my rear-view mirror. I've had a little sadness leaving it behind. What an amazing and sentimental journey. I visited people who I haven't seen in fifty years and don't remotely resemble the characters I've made of them in my stories. Well, Carl is at least 6-4 and I still look up to him. Cassie is lush and sensuous and held me close as we danced. Rhonda is as sweet and kind and funny a person as I have ever met.

And they each have stories that have made them what they are today. Stories that go well beyond the simple fiction that I write. Sometimes truth is stranger...

My next few weeks will be spent crossing the Great Plains and the Rockies. It's as far across Iowa and Nebraska as it is across Texas! My anticipated adventures include visiting the homes of some characters that I made up out of whole cloth. I'll be touring through Fremont, NE where Tony lived before moving to Seattle (Model Student). I'll be wandering around Laramie, WY where Cole rode the range in two centuries (Redtail). In addition, I'll see Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon. Should be an interesting journey and I'm sure things I see will crop up in stories in the future.

Today, one last visit to my childhood as I go back into town to visit Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Always loved that place as a kid.