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Chapter 4

July 29, 2014
Posted at 4:39 pm

Not a whole lot to blog about this time. Things are definitely getting out of control for Carl in Syria. I feel very strange watching the news these days. I wrote about 95% of the Epilogue before Iraq came apart at the seams. I certainly never anticipated the group called ISIS, and it seems that Carl's semi-partition of Iraq has come true, though in my story the Kurds grabbed more of Iraq than seems to be the case in real life. Life imitating art? Very spooky, and more than a little depressing.

I've had several comments on my portrayal of Hillary, specifically that Bill would be able to correct her and guide her somehow. I just don't know about that. For one thing, I don't think she is anywhere near as capable a politician as Bill is. Regardless of how you feel about him, and my own feelings are rather mixed, I think Slick Willie is the savviest politician since FDR. Hillary is not in his class, not by a long shot. Second, I can't really understand that family dynamic. Do they even live together these days? Just how much does she listen to him? I think she has made more than a few mistakes so far in this campaign, and I don't know if he is coaching her and she isn't listening, or what. It just seems a little strange.