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Progress of Poacher's Progress

July 28, 2014
Posted at 2:19 pm

Book three of Poacher's Progress …Desire and Despair…is in the process of being sent to my three editors. The Three Wise Men work at different speeds, have more in their busy lives than my scribbling to concern themselves with, and in fact also edit for other writers, so it could be months before the editing process is concluded. No matter, there will be an end date.
Meantime I am several chapters into book four of Poacher's Progress, which means that once again those waiting for the next instalment of Dewey Desmond's exploits are left still waiting. My apologies to my reader but I have never been able to multitask, and I'm pushing my luck as it is by editing one book while writing another at the same time.

I did think about making my stuff available to a wider audience than that of the SOL readership: Amazon; Lulu; Smashwords, etc. I knocked the idea on the head after looking into the amount of work, and all the new tricks I would need to learn, that might only gain me a few more readers. All my stuff, present and future, will appear exclusively on SOL.