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Once Upon an Alien & writing plans

July 26, 2014
Posted at 9:12 am

First, I would like to thank everyone for your feedback. There has been a lot, and most of it has been good. I would like to thank the editors because, without them, the feedback would not have been as positive.

I have received many questions about a sequel to 'Once Upon an Alien'. There will not be a sequel to this story. Have you ever read or watched a sequel, and the sequel didn't measure up to the original, and even seemed to take something away from the original? I think that Once Upon an Alien is that kind of story. I believe a sequel would do this story a disservice.

Once Upon an Alien will be published as 'The Seeker' and will be on Amazon by mid August. This time I was able to get a real artist to do the cover graphics. I'm excited about this story being offered to a wider audience. Thank all of you for your feedback that helped shape the story.

What's next? That question has come up several times, so I thought I should answer it here. I have two stories on my mind that I want to work on. One is a rewrite of 'Alien-The Beginning' and the other is a sequel to 'The Protector Chronicles - Redemption'. The Protector Chronicles sequel is a standalone book, and I estimate a three to four month writing time. The Alien story is a trilogy, and I estimate it will take eighteen to twenty-four months to finish that story. A lot could happen in that amount of time, so I will shoot for what I know I can finish before I get uprooted again. The sequel to the Protector Chronicle story will be next. However, both stories are on my mind, so don't be surprised if I start the rewrite while doing the sequel. I find that when a story is bugging me, I've got to get it saved or lose it.

Thanks again to all of you for your feedback, and votes.