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Local Newspaper article

July 20, 2014
Posted at 1:39 pm

I have to admit that it was a pretty nice thing to finally be able to see that the local newspaper finally printed the article that they promised to publish over a month ago.

Even if they hadn't published it I wouldn't be able to complain. I didn't even have to contact them in order to get the spot. They contacted me, believe it or not. I'm not even sure how they found out about my novel, but somehow they did, and I'm glad for it.

Here's what they had to say.


Chris Podhola

Residence: Monroe Bio: Chris Podhola is a free­lance writer and supernatural e-book and paperback author.

The 43-year-old is an Air Force veteran of the first Iraq War. He has a 14-year-old son and is a char­ity room tourna­ment dealer. He writes for online publica­tions and his short story, "Twinfinity: The Arena," is pub­lished on

Projects under way: The author is working on the sequel to "Twinfinity: Nethermore," as well as another sequel short to the series.

Synopsis: Although Whitney Leighton is blind and deaf, she can see and hear through her twin brother, Tommy. It's a secret they share. But Tommy has a secret of his own that he's keeping from Whitney: Whitney isn't who she's supposed to be.

In dreams of his sister, Tommy sees has tattoos, battle scars on her face and a look of determi­nation. If Tommy's dreams come true then Whitney is in serious trouble and so is everyone else. The simple Whitney that is, doesn't stand a chance against the evil that exists in his sleep and the world will be thrust into chaos.

The teen twins end up at Camp Tumbling Waters and Lake Amicolola where something is waiting for them, something as dark as Whitney's vision and as insane as Tommy's dreams and IT needs Whitney to escape the prison that IT calls … Nether­more.

Publisher: Release date: May 26 Where available:

Influences: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, J.K. Rowling." Monroe Evening News. Thursday July 17, 2014 Arts and Entertainment section.

On the Prim Pocket front you can expect to see another installment this week. I have the next chapter started, will have some more time to work on it both today and tomorrow, and I expect that this next chapter should come in at about 6-8000 words, so readers can have a nice chunk to read when it hits.

As always, I thank you for reading,