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All Alone

July 19, 2014
Posted at 9:12 am

I'm back to writing dramas and normal stories for a while. I finished up with the cheating stories however, I do have a collaboration with StangStar06 that I just couldn't seem to find a finish for. Stang took my main story and came up with a great ending. That is in the works, so look for that one. This story is one I have had in the works for several months. We took a cruise, and I saw some people that were just very depressed so I took that to mean that they had just lost someone close to them and had already planned the cruise. This gave me the impetus to write this story. I thought back to when I was in the service and stationed somewhere on an unaccompanied tour. This brought the feeling of total loneliness that my character was feeling. See I write from my own experiences or those of people I have known over the years. Sometimes I even get kernels of a story from my fans. I will be posting this about every other day till it's finished.